Spinning Roulette Drinking Game

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How do you get a party started!? With a drinking game of course!!

Spinning Roulette Drinking Game for Adults with 16 shot glasses.

Get the Party Started!

Do you want to get the party started!? Do you want everyone to have the best time at your place!? You need a drinking game!

How Does it Work?

Pour a shot into each glass.

Depending on the number of players, divide your group into either black and red, or even and odd numbers, or certain numbers for each person. 

Just like a normal roulette game, spin the wheel and see where the ball lands.

If the ball lands on your number, you have to drink!

Perfect Party Game for:

The Spinning Roulette Drinking Game is the perfect party game for kicking off your night in or out! Brilliant for house parties, stags, bachelorettes, hen party, birthday party, or even to bring your Saturday night to another level! Let off some steam with a super fun weekend!

Why not make it more fun and have different shots in each glass!

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