About The Party Vibe

Don't You Want Your Party to be The Best Night Ever!?

Well, we at The Party Vibe want that too!

The Party Vibe was set up to help you get the WOW Factor at your party. 

Launching in 2020, The Party Vibe aims to have a wide variety of party supplies, decorations and games, to help you get everyone in the mood to have a fantastic night.  

Our aim is to have everything you need to level up your party game. Whether you are looking for mood lighting to set the right vibe, drinking games to get everyone having fun, or a little something Extra to get the WOW Factor, we're here to help you achieve the night you've been dreaming of!

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If you want to contact us, please email thepartyvibe@gmail.com or call (+353) 21 435 76 24.

The Party Vibe About Us