Hanging Wall Fairy Lights Decorations

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How Cute are the Hanging Wall Fairy Lights Decorations!

Set the right ambiance at your party with the Hanging Wall Fairy Lights Decorations.

Hanging Wall Fairy Lights Decorations

Fairy lights are incredibly versatile! Hang them on the wall, around your staircase, decorate the cactus, place them in bottles, around your bed, decorate your car, your outfit, your door or your mirror, to name but a few options! Get the clips too and hang your photos from the lights!

The Hanging Wall Fairy Lights Decorations are perfect for a house party, birthday, engagement, wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas, anniversary, baby shower, hen party or a romantic night in.


Available in 2 metres (20 lights), 5 metres (50 lights) or 10 metres (100 lights). 

Battery Powered.

FREE SHIPPING! Please note: due to high demand, please allow 4-7 weeks for delivery.

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