Bluetooth Disco Ball Party Light

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Question: How Do You Get a Party Started?

Well, if you REALLY want to get your party pumping, you NEED the Bluetooth Disco Ball Party Light! Not only does this disco ball connect to your phone via bluetooth, but it can blast your tones as well! 

The Bluetooth Disco Ball Party Light can stream 9 colours to set the right ambiance to get people up and moving. The LED RGB three-in-one Disco Ball projects light as well as music streamed from your phone!

Bluetooth Disco Ball Party Light is Sound Activated!

It has a colour jump mode, with 81 Lens with each lens casting 3-6 beams, a total of up to 240-480 beam lights. It can connect using Bluetooth or via a USB cable which comes with the product. Use the remote control to turn on/off, change the volume of the music, set a timer, change colour and brightness, and turn on as a night light. 

Power: 12W
Voltage: 100V -240V
Control Mode: Sound activated, Color jump change, auto mode
Night Light Mode: Remote control of light color, timed off function
Feature: 9 colour LED Bluetooth audio + night light function

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